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Now it's your turn to finally lose weight and keep it off for life... All without feeling tired and deprived. You deserve this!
  • Professional chef tested recipes
  • Smoothie ideas that rock and soothe your taste buds
  • Know exactly what to buy with handy ingredient lists
  • No need to struggle what to make with these complete menu ideas
  • Accelerate your weight loss with doctor prescribed protocols
  • No need to worry about wrecking your diet by using these "dining out tricks"
  • Fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet by choosing the right supplements for better health
  • Stop struggling with what to make with these complete menu ideas
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4 out of 121 recipes inside the reset kitchen recipe book
"I really cannot say enough about this book. The recipes are fantastic and are really easy to follow. The section on sugar and sweeteners is incredibly helpful and one of the most balanced approaches to removing sugar from your diet.I love the kitchen pantry essential list and can't wait to have a hard copy in my hands. Well worth it, a great Holiday gift!"
                            - Melissa
"I cannot wait to dig into the recipes in this book. As an athlete, I know what I put into my body is critical. The detailed information about nutrients along with tasty recipes to help us on our way to better health - what could be better?! I'm always looking for new ways to get more vegetables onto the plate. What to make first? Roaster Turmeric Cauliflower? Green Beans with Caramelized Shallots? Carrot Fries? Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

                              - Marian
"Well done! This is just the book I've been needing to apply so many things I learned in The Reset Factor, as well as all the new things we are learning every day on what to put into our bodies to have glowing good health and prevent potential problems. It is beautiful, easy to understand and will motivate me to confidently cook meals for my family that are 100% healthy as well as delicious. I also like the part at the beginning that nutshells the different goods/bads, lists of supplements, etc. Can't wait to start cooking! "
                              - Shara
"The Reset Factor Kitchen is one of the most important guides to good health ever written. Not only do Dr. Mindy and Bonnie share compelling evidence about why it’s critical to change our eating habits, but they lead us step by step to make sure we never flounder on the journey to renewed vigor and happiness. This is not just another health fad book or cookbook; this is a manual for taking charge of our lives and making a stand for who and how we want to be in the world."
                                    - Jennifer
 the Authors
dr. mindy pelz
chef bonnie carlson
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